It’s All About

It’s all about slavery, starvation, drying flower pots
lets never water them but water them down
the industrial wash
It’s all about breasts taken by surprise, trembling limbs, little girls
lets all gather around and tell them it’s ok at 12
to be the bang for the buck
It’s all about awareness, depression, swimming in self vomit
night after night searing torsos in nightmares’ sea of flames
no ears would hear you talk about it
It’s all about war, survival of the fittest, lying under the sun cut eyeballs
where these homes are built atop human skull gasoline
I put all my eggs in a single basket
It’s all about suicide, weeping slashed jaws, maternal-child genocide
bring my dysentery cup of soup enriched with blood
gushing from the world’s bosom
It’s all about turning this mountain of shit
into good craftsmanship
It’s all about being the platoon
corrupted by the dark spot on the moon
It’s all about the speech of a clown
It’s all about who cares what it is
Or who is another ten fingers two eyes
It’s all about those holistic moments of labour
when all she wanted was to get rid of it
It’s all about the lie
our hearts pump
It’s all about the machinery
of human existence

It’s All About

2 thoughts on “It’s All About

  1. Uh. I feel very out of my league here. This was brilliant! I have managed to write one legit poem in my 16 years of existence and here you’re just tanka-ing like crazy!

    1. It’s very kind of you to say this and rather encouraging 🙂 however I’m still learning as I go. Thanks very much for stopping by to read and taking the time to comment. I’m humbled.

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