Tanka 151120142

pointing at stains
on my neighbor’s laundry
in broad daylight
clearly these are all signs
I’m more self-righteous


9 thoughts on “Tanka 151120142

      • Dionysus Amber

        I have just received a nasty comment on my post: ‘looking back’ accusing me of using photos without attribution.

        I then had to show this person that I only use free to use/ no need to attribute photos.

        I should perhaps have remembered your poem, before replying to this comment. 🙂

      • kabirgandhiok

        That’s not good. When you’re being wrongly accused of anything, you gotta stand up for yourself and prove your point. It’s kind of you still think you shouldn’t judge…

      • Dionysus Amber

        She has now called me a Moron and said that I should write ‘Public domain’ under each photo.

        Even though the distributor I use state in their mission statement, that I don’t need to attribute the photos at all.

        Sorry for talking too much. But Ann has really upset me with all these accusations.

      • kabirgandhiok

        No need to be sorry, keep doing what you gotta do. These things can get on anyone’s nerves. Just post a link on her blog that says you don’t need to attribute the photos.

        Or else just ignore her, sit back and enjoy your day. Nothing works better than ignorance. You may delete those comments and forget it ever happened. I hope you feel better soon.

      • Dionysus Amber

        Thank-You friend. I can always rely on you to give sound advice, write great Tanka’s and to make me smile.

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