Tanka 30082015

ten years ago
it was love to stand close
in all our photos
now we observe the flowers
and the distance between us

Tanka 30082015

10 thoughts on “Tanka 30082015

  1. Kabir, I nominated you for “The Beautiful Blogger Award” and hope it will cheer you up and maybe gather some more of your followers back, too. 🙂
    You may see my post with others on the nomination list.
    Your tankas are beautiful and I always enjoy your thoughtful comments. Smiles, Robin

    1. Oh Robin, thank you so much for this kind gesture, you’ve made my day. And I’m sorry for replying so late, I had to undergo a minor surgery, I’m alright now, but it has kept me away for a few days. Thanks again Robin, it’s kindness like yours that makes me think so highly of the blogging community, but I’m afraid I will have to decline receiving this award nomination. And I hope you don’t take any offence, I had thought long back to make mine an award free blog, it just feels better that way. Thanks again for your kind sentiment, I’m really humbled.

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