Religion Is Consumerism Too

if this world’s of metal and plastic, and madness
sneers at another’s flag, mocking tongue
religion and whatever it is you’re looking at
with lopsided dances and trickster type joy,
remain peaceful, remember gandhi’s undying words
in moments of bone-grinding agony,
remember what gandhi said, don’t lash out just yet
“be the change you want to see”,
smoke butts out of ashtrays
and hope for peep holes in women’s clothes, Oh! Indian man,
before you pick the knife and assert your place,
remember, it’s better being a pacifist,
lay down opinions burn them in wastepaper baskets,
chant hare rama hare krishna,
now look to the sky — the gray film of petroleum wax
disembodied from beating heart desire of man turned inside out guts out by eyeball kicks of monastic pacifists — completely null and void
up the ranks of reincarnation — bodhisattva — Daisy Buddhism
and the people who bed long drawls of flowering mouth’s calcified ignorance end up throwing everyone else into a fire,
but peace must remain nonetheless, no marijuana, no alcohol, only religious beads and obsequious mantric bullshit,
religion tipped arrows shot at intelligence — decades and ongoing,
propaganda — the dalai lama urges the west not to convert, tibetans give me half assed half hearted broken looks, skewed eyes (I could care less), muslims wanna bomb bomb bomb, hindus deny fucking each others brains out at the banks of the ganges, punjab is breezy-wheezy, content beneath the shade of Benzedrine hallucinations, but fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers — the real sinners — who for fear of their own childhood wild cooking debauchery slap thunderbolts down their children’s spine,
and wonder what plastic is wrong in skull
when the roar of belts and chainsaws and relentless phantasm of sun and moon and power in the palm of their fists turns to dust — a sad sad dream —
religious cocks and cunts in massive orgy like maneuvers, bring down temple domes in a single aum — stomachs exposed to god — backs bent, broken old age, mental faculties gone to abyss,
but plastic floats on the tops of hills dipping and rising in waves gently through white fog,
along the imperfection of mountain-brow and screeching metal boxes and ashcan rantings of rivers of wind,
and reach whole mandalas on plastic (milky way and beyond) in one stretch of the imagination — consumerism benefits all

Religion Is Consumerism Too

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