Love Ten Lines Long

when love matters most
stupidity signifies your love
that love nevertheless brings
solace however little love
you said love’s intent
was to love Spring
your love does remember
sitting quietly over love
love filled your womb
despite his love cheated

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’m honored and glad to be invited to participate in the spread the love challenge by MWConceptsUnlimited. It was great fun to write this piece, thanks MW!

To pass it along, I invite:

Mocking Bird Down
Merissa Bergen
John Flanagan
Americana Injustica
Gaelic Dreams

Of course participation is entirely at will. But if interested, the guidelines are to write it in no more than ten lines, four words per line with the word love included in each line. Also, a favorite love quote should be attached at the end of the poem.

Have fun all!

Love Ten Lines Long


Winter's my favorite season
I like the cold, I like the warmth
I immerse in a hopeless glass 
of whiskey by the hearth.
This year I found all of me 
beneath the comfort of her hold.
Winter spares no empty bough
never thought it could get so old.
My favorite season winter remains
not longer than two months
I wish... I wish... I wish again
we could sit joking the world outside
O I wish the tides change course
and we could set out patterns
on this spilt milk.
The years that have gone hang around
my sweet place will come once again
I dream... I dream... I dream we
may never sleep bleak again.
Winter is the taste in warmth
but I may never write it a poem.
So long... so long my dear friend
I'm right here with nowhere to go.
The moon appears faithful tonight
in rings of smoke clouds encircle it.
O all it's dark spots are well hidden
waiting for you to add dye to my time.
May my beliefs never change I thought
they twist my gut fruiting into milkiness.
I am who I never thought I was
energy wrapped in cloth: a name 
already dead.